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Hootsuite — Resource of the Week

Hootsuite home page

Do you run your business’s social media operation by yourself? So do I. Folks like us need quality tools to help us out.

Hootsuite is a social media management application. It can serve as your control panel for consuming content from — and interacting with — a number of different social media applications such as Twitter and LinkedIn (my two favorites). Through Hootsuite you can access all your social media accounts from one place to save you from having to log into each one separately.

Here’s a screenshot of my Hootsuite dashboard. You can see that I have my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts set up on it.

Hootsuite home page

Using Hootsuite you can look through the streams of each of your social media properties from the same place. Hootsuite also has smart phone and tablet apps, so you can thumb through media streams on your phone or tablet. Probably 95% of my time with social media is spent on my iPhone, so that’s convenient for me.

Not only does Hootsuite make it convenient for you to consume information on social media platforms; it’s also a great way to distribute information to your followers and connections. Two things I like about using Hootsuite to send updates: you can send the same update to multiple accounts at once, and Hootsuite captures the featured image when it posts to LinkedIn and Facebook, which makes your posts much more attractive. Here’s a screenshot of a preview of a post to my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts just before I posted it:

Hootsuite post preview

Here’s what the post looks like on my ContractsGuy Facebook page:

Facebook post

Until a couple of years ago, I accessed Twitter exclusively from Hootsuite. Since then, Twitter has greatly improved both its desktop user interface as well as its app, so I usually use the Twitter phone app. But I still use Hootsuite to post to LinkedIn and Facebook. Unfortunately, Hootsuite doesn’t seem to integrate with Google Plus personal accounts, although it can be used with company pages.

Two other Hootsuite features that are great (but not very useful for my current operations) are analytics, which tracks how many clicks links your posts receive, and multi-user management, which allows you to manage your whole social media team.

Although it’s not as essential to my social media workflow as it was a couple of years ago, I use Hootsuite regularly, and I’m still a big fan of the application.

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