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LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. A lot of people use the service to connect with business contacts, keep in touch, and research prospects. But this post is about utilizing LinkedIn’s social media features, especially the news feed.

As with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn (for the most part) requires a reciprocal connection between users. Unlike Twitter, where people can follow you without your permission, LinkedIn requires you to accept an invitation to connect before a potential connection can see your LinkedIn activity.

I said “for the most part” because members of LinkedIn groups you’ve joined can follow you, without your permission, and see your interactions. I think they can only see your interactions within the group — and not all your LinkedIn activity — but I’ve never really used the feature and haven’t researched it. Not everyone likes the follow feature, but it’s been around for several years and doesn’t seem to be going away. Personally, I welcome followers of all stripes on just about any platform. If someone’s interested in what I have to say publicly, they’re welcome to listen in.

Although I like to use LinkedIn to keep in touch and connect with business contacts, I particularly like LinkedIn’s news feed feature. It works like Twitter and Facebook: The posts and other activity of your connections are displayed in real time in reverse chronological order.

You can access your news feed by clicking on the home tab from any page on LinkedIn’s website.

The great thing about LinkedIn’s news feed is that it’s somewhat specific to your own geography as well as your own real-life business relationships. This is because your news feed reflects the posts of people you’ve connected with, and on LinkedIn more than most other social media platforms you’re likely to be connected with people in your own backyard where you actually engage in business.

I love that people follow my Contracts Guy blog and Twitter feed, but they’re just as likely to be in the UK or Seattle as in St. Louis. In contrast, a large portion of people who see my LinkedIn posts are the same people I see at networking events around town. That gives LinkedIn a unique value.

Do you use LinkedIn’s news feed, or do you just use the platform for keeping track of connections and researching prospects?

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