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NRAI Filing Charts — Resource of the Week

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I wrote recently about why business buyers should perform lien searches as part of their due diligence process. This week’s featured resource is a series of charts published by third-party search company National Registered Agents, Inc. These charts summarize information relating to filing requirements for each of the 50 states in one handy place.

For example, the incorporation chart summarizes the corporation law in each state about such matters as cumulative voting, preemptive rights, general purpose clauses, required forms, and fees. NRAI has similar charts for limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

NRAI also has charts relating to foreign qualification of corporations, LLCs, and limited partnerships.

These charts aren’t a substitute for determining the specific requirements for a jurisdiction, but they provide a handy guide and quick reference.

Image credit: Image credit: Jim Antonio via stock.xchng.

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