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Contracts Made Simple with Shake — Resource of the Week

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Are you looking for an app to help you put together simple contracts? You should check out Shake.

According to its website, Shake strives to “combine the simplicity, convenience, and collaborative spirit of a handshake with the protection of a legal agreement.”

The iPhone app is easy to use, allowing you to prepare and sign a simple contract in a couple of minutes and send it to the other contract party for their signature.

From the app’s main screen, you can choose from a variety of contracts to prepare, including nondisclosure agreements and purchase agreements. Here’s a screenshot of the options:

Shake screenshot

Once you choose the type of contract you want to prepare, the app takes you through a few questions about the parties and subject matter of the contract. After you’re done with that, Shake puts together your contract, and with a few taps you can sign it on your phone and send it to the other party to sign. The other party doesn’t need access to the Shake app to sign the contract because they can download the contract as a pdf, sign it, and send it back to you via email. Shake alerts you when the other party sends the signed contract back.

It’s all incredibly simple.

Here’s a shot of a pdf version of the end of a non-disclosure agreement I prepared and sent to myself for countersigning:

Shake signature block

Shake’s contracts are very simple, and they aren’t very customizable, so you wouldn’t want to use the app — at least in its current form — for complex commercial agreements. But it’s a great way to prepare simple contracts easily and painlessly.

Images used by permission.

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