LinkedIn — Resource of the Week


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. A lot of people use the service to connect with business contacts, keep in touch, and research prospects. But this post is about utilizing LinkedIn’s social media features, especially the news feed.

As with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn (for the most part) requires a reciprocal connection between users. Unlike Twitter, where people can follow you without your permission, LinkedIn requires you to accept an invitation to connect before a potential connection can see your LinkedIn activity.

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Hootsuite — Resource of the Week

Hootsuite home page

Do you run your business’s social media operation by yourself? So do I. Folks like us need quality tools to help us out.

Hootsuite is a social media management application. It can serve as your control panel for consuming content from — and interacting with — a number of different social media applications such as Twitter and LinkedIn (my two favorites). Through Hootsuite you can access all your social media accounts from one place to save you from having to log into each one separately.

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Twitter as a Tool for Listening — Resource of the Week


Twitter is a great tool for easily finding new information about topics that interest you.

When I was first introduced to Twitter, I didn’t have any use for it. I didn’t see the point of trying to get people to follow me just so I could broadcast whatever was on my mind. Plus, why would I want to follow people to hear about what they had for breakfast?

But I was looking at Twitter backwards. Twitter isn’t about broadcasting inanities. It’s about creating a simple system for allowing interesting information to come to you. Set things up right and you’ll have easy access to breaking news, items of personal interest, current happenings in your industry, interesting events in your town, and — if you choose — personal trivia like what people are eating or their recent workouts.

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