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A key element to Blue Maven Law’s mission is to make the law as transparent, understandable, and purposeful for the non-attorney whether buying a business or not. Brian wants everyone to be in a position to learn, understand, question – and get answers – about business and legal topics. To help facilitate this learning, Blue Maven Law is happy to provide answers, knowledge, opinions, and experience from a wide variety of sources.


There are all sorts of questions about legalities in buying a business, requirements for various aspects, and where to find expert support. This is a list of frequently asked questions about Blue Maven Law, LLC as well as general questions about buying or selling a business.

Business and Legal Resources

Starting, buying, or selling a business within the law is critical. We realize that there are a great number of non-legal considerations in which aspiring – and current – business owners need to gain knowledge. Here are a number of business and legal resources that you might find helpful.

Blogs Brian Follows

Brian follows a number of blogs because he has an enduring interest in new trends for business, developments within the law, success stories, and challenges which can be averted. He knows the value these experts deliver and believes that they offer benefit to everyone – whether or not they are buying a business. Enjoy the knowledge, humor, entertainment, and provocation these blogs deliver.