Blogs Brian Follows

I love reading great stuff on the Interwebs. Here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow regularly.

Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions Blogs

  • Exit Promise
    Exit planning resources for entrepreneurs preparing to sell a business
  • Seller Insider
    A blog by Barb Hartung and Tom Long of Turning Point Advisors in St. Louis

Business Blogs

  • Chris Dixon
    Covering start-up issues from a venture capitalist’s perspective
  • Feld Thoughts
    Commentary by Brad Feld of the venture capital firm Foundry Group
  • Gust Blog
    Thoughts on start-ups by investors that fund them and entrepreneurs that run them

Legal Blogs

  • China Law Blog
    Business and legal issues relating to doing business in China
  • Commercial Law
    A collaborative blog of in-depth treatment of commercial law issues
  • Internet Cases
    Covering internet and technology legal issues by Evan Brown
  • IP Draughts
    Covering contract drafting and intellectual property issues by UK attorney Mark Anderson
  • Lawyer KM
    Knowledge management and technology for lawyers
  • Lawyerist
    Covering law practice issues and advice
  • Leadfoot Speeding Ticket
    Giving a plug for my wife who handles speeding tickets and misdemeanor cases such as shoplifting and marijuana possession in Missouri
  • theContractsGuy
    My contracts blog covering contracts, contracting, and the business of law
  • The Licensing Handbook
    Covering software licensing issues by Jeff Gordon (great stuff but not updated since May 2010)

Other Blogs

  • Mashable
    Social media and technology news and tips
  • PDF for Lawyers
    Paperless office tips with a focus on utilizing PDF technology by “Ernie the Attorney” Ernie Svenson