Brian approaches his speaking engagements with the same stipulations that he did when creating Blue Maven Law, LLC.

Be informative. Be understandable. Be helpful. Be effective. Take the mystery out of the law.

While Brian couldn’t be more serious about the law, he never takes himself too seriously. His unassuming and relaxed style keeps the focus on the law and how it serves the business person. His purpose is to explain the role of law in business — how it supports business goals, protects involved parties, and limits potential liability and more.

Here are two of Brian’s most-requested topics:

The Nuts and Bolts of Buying a Business

In this presentation, Brian takes the mystery out of the mergers and acquisitions process, discussing what business owners need to know if they’re considering taking their business to market, as well as tips for potential buyers who’re thinking about acquiring their dream.

That Instant Message Isn’t a Contract…Is It?

Email contracts, website terms and conditions, instant messages — it’s a brave new world of contracting in our electronic age. From electronic cigarettes to home improvement websites, what you don’t know will surprise you. Brian answers common questions about electronic contracting and helps business people keep time bombs out of their file cabinets that take the form of surprising — and often harmful — contract provisions.