Why I don’t Use Automatic Email Disclaimers

email disclaimer

It’s standard fare for law firm emails to have lengthy disclaimers at the end. It’s also standard for the disclaimers to be automatically inserted by the firm’s email system. And the disclaimers are inserted into ALL emails, whether or not they’re meaningful given the context of individual emails.

When I started Blue Maven Law a couple of years ago, I decided not to have disclaimers inserted automatically into my emails. Here’s why.

Automatic email disclaimers don’t really do anything

The main reason I don’t use automatic email disclaimers is that they’re ineffective. Most law firm disclaimers have one or more of these components: (1) a notice that the email is confidential; (2) a request for help with misdirected emails; (3) a warning that email isn’t a secure method of communication; and (4) a notice required by IRS Circular 230 that disclaims tax advice.

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Stop Sending Emails Without Attachments — Resource of the Week

forgotten attachment warning

We’ve all done it. You crank out an email intending to send a document, but you hit send before attaching the file. It’s not a big deal when you’re sending a snapshot of your dog to your best friend, but it can be a bit embarrassing when you’re emailing a critical document to your most important customer and cc’ing your boss.

Repeat after me: “I’ll never send an email without an attachment again. I’ll never send…” The good news is that you don’t have to rely on will power and discipline to keep this resolution. You just need to adjust a couple of settings in your email program.
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