Why I don’t Use Automatic Email Disclaimers

email disclaimer

It’s standard fare for law firm emails to have lengthy disclaimers at the end. It’s also standard for the disclaimers to be automatically inserted by the firm’s email system. And the disclaimers are inserted into ALL emails, whether or not they’re meaningful given the context of individual emails.

When I started Blue Maven Law a couple of years ago, I decided not to have disclaimers inserted automatically into my emails. Here’s why.

Automatic email disclaimers don’t really do anything

The main reason I don’t use automatic email disclaimers is that they’re ineffective. Most law firm disclaimers have one or more of these components: (1) a notice that the email is confidential; (2) a request for help with misdirected emails; (3) a warning that email isn’t a secure method of communication; and (4) a notice required by IRS Circular 230 that disclaims tax advice.

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Recording a Lien on a Missouri Vehicle

Missouri vehicle lien

In How to Title a Vehicle in Missouri, I provide step-by-step instructions on how to transfer title to a vehicle, obtain a new title, and register the vehicle. In today’s post, I discuss recording a lien on a vehicle.

When you purchase a business via an asset sale, you have to transfer the assets you’re purchasing out of the seller’s company and into your company. Most assets can be transferred by having the seller sign a general bill of sale. But some assets, such as cars and trucks used in the business, have special rules.

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How to Title a Vehicle in Missouri

When you purchase a business via an asset sale, you must transfer the assets from the seller’s company to your new company. Many of the business’s assets can be transferred using a general bill of sale. Other assets, such as automobiles, must be transferred separately.

In Missouri, vehicles must be titled within 30 days after the date of purchase. There’s a penalty of $25 for every 30 days — up to a maximum penalty of $200 — for failure to title a vehicle on time.

To title a vehicle in Missouri, you must submit the following documents at your local license office:

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