Getting Paid

Getting Paid

I recently made a short presentation at Experts 4 Entrepreneurs about making sure customers pay what they owe. I had a lot of fun with it and thought it might be worthwhile to share here. I’ve embedded the PowerPoint slides below, but slides to my presentations often don’t tell the whole story, so here’s a little detail.

The presentation starts with an illustration about my not-so-pleasant experiences donating blood. (Apparently, my body needs all its blood.) How is that relevant to making sure you get paid? Because cash is a business’s life-blood. When customers don’t pay their invoices, they starve a business of a critical resource that it needs to stay healthy.

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Meet the Team — Bill Ellis

Bill Ellis - Branding Expert

It takes a team to build a quality business. Partly because no single person has all the expertise that’s required. And partly because no one has the time to do everything that needs to be done.

According to Michael Gerber in The E-Myth Revisited, most businesses are started by technicians, not business people. Technicians are people who make stuff or provide services. For example, someone works at a company baking pies and decides to open a bakery. That person might be a great baker, but he or she might not have what it takes to build a good business.

In my case, I’ve spent a career helping people with their business deals — buying or selling businesses, negotiating contracts with key suppliers, setting up new businesses. All these are the work of technicians. For over a decade, I’ve spent my days involved in business as a trusted advisor helping my clients make informed business decisions, but I haven’t been responsible for developing and executing a business strategy.

When I decided to pursue the business idea that has become Blue Maven Law, I knew I needed help. The first person I called was Bill Ellis. It was a great move.

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Feedly — Resource of the Week

RSS feed aggregator

The best thing about web 2.0 — that is, social media, blogs, and the rest of the interactive Internet — is that you can have interesting information come to you. Using the right tools, you can set things up so great content comes to you while you’re doing something else. Then you can interact with it and with the content’s creators on your own schedule.

My last two Resource of the Week posts were about Twitter, as a tool for listening as well as a tool for connecting. Today’s post talks about RSS feeds and specifically Feedly, one of the most popular tools for harnessing the power of RSS.

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